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    First Days in Barcelona to Start my EVS Adventure

    My first trip to Europe was almost three years ago and I had a chance to visit the north of Spain and to see the ocean for the first time. However, since my time was limited and I wanted to spend more than just a couple of days in Barcelona,

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  • asha

    Our way through Asha

    It is difficult to summarize in a few lines what Asha Center gave us during our stay in its beautiful places. Between tulips and good friends, we learned the meaning of being willing, of helping disinterestedly, of believing in a better world; And to do something about it. Each member

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    Contact making event: EVS Power

    On the whole I can say that the experience stood up to most of my expectations. The organization did a good job with the contents, the logistics of the venue and choosing the trainer (Aleksandrs) a.k.a. person in charge on delivering all the information. I want to highlight his role,

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    Mustard coloured leaves

    I don’t have words to explain my experience throughout this year. I search for so many ways to define what I have felt, smelled, heard and touched, that even if I wanted it wouldn’t be enough, as I have not enough vocabulary to explain how I have lived. I feel

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