After more than 2 years of work, we are glad to present you the Handbook ‘Green your Youth
Project’, which is the main result of the KA2 project ‘ECOrasmus-Sustainable and eco-friendly
practices in educational youth work’ which gave us (5 NGOs from 5 countries) the chance of
carrying on researches, doing interviews, and working together to implement the first
international training course ‘ECOrasmus’ (in March 2023, in Vilanova I la Geltrú, Barcelona,
Spain) and, after compiling a lot of information, tools, environmentally friendly practices, to
publish the handbook.

With only 54 pages, and divided into 7 chapters, it aims to help NGOs to identify the main
challenges related to the environment and be more aware of their role as organizers, educators,
and managers, when they organize educational activities with youth. It compiles a lot of
information and helpful resources to make the right environmental choices, and to evaluate the
impact of these choices both in the environment and on the activity itself, looking into critical
elements such as project planning, travel, venue, food, materials, communication and
collaboration with partners.

The handbook is part of the numerous efforts and changes we, as Europeans and global
citizens, need to undertake, about the way we produce, consume, also, the way we organize
educational activities, which the actions, and behaviors that damage nature or do not prevent
the waste of natural resources don’t seem coherent, especially once you learn that harming
nature cause climate emergencies and premature death, forced displacement, and poverty all
over the planet, threatening the delicate balance of natural ecosystems and resources today,
and jeopardizing the well-being of future generations, which we are not as confident they will be
able to enjoy if we are not changing habits and behaviors.

Reading the toolkit can strengthen your capacity to care about natural resources, including air,
water, and land. We encourage reading it from the beginning to the end, jumping from one
chapter to another, by using the different steps connected with the activity management, and
the different grades according to your willingness.

If you organize educational activities and have the will to adopt green practices, we encourage
you to download the toolkit at this link now. At no other moment in history has been as urgent to
protect our environment.

The KA2 project ‘ECOrasmus’ is coordinated by the NGO ‘European Intercultural Forum e.V’
(Germany) in partnership with the NGO Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, The Tree Party (The
Netherlands), MeOut Group (Hungary) and NGO Association Graphistes de l’Ombre (France),
thanks the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and the German
National Agency. To know more about it, we are at