Teacher’s assistant in an alternative school in Austria

HOST ORGANIZATION: Private School “Sonnenhaus”

PERIOD: 4.5 months (From March to mid-July 2024)

LOCATION:  Leibnitz, Austria


Private School “Sonnenhaus” offers an alternative education for children from 6 to 14 years old, based on the principles of progressive education, Montessori and non-violent communication. We support and guide children on their way to becoming responsible, self-confident and open-minded people. 60 children attend our school. The school closely integrates volunteers in the daily work and the community. We are looking for a volunteer interested in pedagogy, who likes working with children, and who is able to help teachers during classes and extracurricular activities.


Two volunteers support the teachers in the classrooms. The daily work in the school has project groups, which work independently but are guided by the teachers.


We are looking for a volunteer between 18 and 30 years old with an interest in pedagogy, who loves working with children, is able to help teachers during classes and in extracurricular activities. Requirements: be responsible and motivated to help students and collaborate with teachers; open-minded, active, with initiative; ability to relate to children of different ages and social backgrounds; interest in alternative pedagogy; specific skills in arts, music, crafts and sport.

What to do to participate?

Send your CV and a letter of motivation, and explain how you could help the school community. We accept documents in Word or PDF format.

Send both documents to: voluntariat@catalunyavoluntaria.cat specifying the title of the project in which you would like to participate.

The FCV will send all applications to the host organization, which will make the final selection of the volunteer(s).

For more information about the project you can send an email to:



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