Career Path

Fundació Catalunya Voluntària takes over from “Barcelona Voluntaria”, a non-profit organization that was born in 1999 by the hand of three young Catalans. Since 1999, Asociación Barcelona Voluntaria has been taking part in various projects and has been accumulating a significant experience in this field, gaining a prominent role among organizations which work with international youth. On the 25th of October 2007, Asociación Barcelona Voluntaria became Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, which has been carrying on the same spirit and philosophy and is being an instrument for civic and social training.

The Foundation

Fundació Catalunya Voluntària (FCV) is defined as an environment of non-formal learning and as an organization that promotes projects aimed at providing people -of every age and paying special attention to those who have fewer opportunities- with the opportunity of developing their capabilities. We try to achieve this by enabling them to actively participate in educational and social activities that also have a positive impact on their communities.

FCV actively promotes voluntary work and non-formal learning as tools for improving the society, as opportunities to develop key competences and as means to become more active, autonomous and responsible citizens.

Furthermore, it collaborates with other non-profit organizations, networks, people and institutions that promote innovative initiatives of human, social and economical development, on local, regional and international level.

FCV promotes informative sessions, training courses, campaigns, meetings, workshops and initiatives focused on the promotion and social recognition of voluntary work, of peace culture, of non-formal education and of intercultural learning.

Our commitment:

  • Promote the recognition of voluntary work as a tool of comprehensive training for all the people who take part in it;

  • Contribute to spread and include the characteristic values of our region;

  • Develop activities that are socially useful and based on cooperation, solidarity and on local and international volunteering;

  • Improve the international dissemination of Catalan organizations;

  • Work so as to improve the international recognition of Catalonia.


To foster active volunteering for positive social change through non-formal learning as part of culture of peace in Catalunya and around the world.


A world, where everyone, especially young people, have willingness and capacities to take actions with a positive impact in their communities, as active global citizens.


The more you do for the others, the more you do for yourself.