Fundació Catalunya Voluntària takes over from “Barcelona Voluntaria”, a non-profit organization that was born in 1999 by the hand of three young Catalans. Since 1999, Asociación Barcelona Voluntaria has been taking part in various projects and has been accumulating a significant experience in this field, gaining a prominent role among organizations which work with international youth.

On the 25th of October 2007, Asociación Barcelona Voluntaria became Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, which has been carrying on the same spirit and philosophy and is being an instrument for civic and social training.

In 2017, the FCV celebrated 10 years of action, during which the participation of approximately 2.000 young people has been facilitated in different volunteering projects, trainings, seminars, youth exchanges, internships and events; mainly international, but also in Barcelona and all of Catalonia.

Discover the full trajectory of the Foundation.

The Foundation

We are a learning space with the headquarters in Barcelona city, that promotes solidarity, non-formal education, intercultural learning and culture of peace.

We put our focus on supporting the participation of young people in vulnerable situations, risk of social exclusion and fewer opportunities.

We collaborate with different non-profits, networks and organizations, public and private, at local, regional and international level.

 Where you will be able to:

  • Develop your personal and professional competences, skills and attitudes, through your active participation in solidarity, educational and social actions, with a positive impact in your community.
  • Participate in international mobility projects (volunteering, training, internships, youth exchanges, visits, among others) in Catalonia, Europe and around the world.
  • Experience first hand and in a practical way, the positive effects of solidarity, non-formal education, intercultural training and a culture of peace.
  • Discover new passions, cultures, working methodologies, initiatives, acquire new perspectives and expand your horizons.

Some of our keywords:

Volunteering | Culture of peace | Training | Intercultural learning


To foster active volunteering for positive social change through non-formal learning as part of culture of peace in Catalunya and around the world.


A world, where everyone, especially young people, have willingness and capacities to take actions with a positive impact in their communities, as active global citizens.


The more you do for the others, the more you do for yourself.

Our commitment to the SDGs:

The 2030 agenda is based on the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. With the intention of pursuing the global objective, the agenda is deployed in a system of 17 sustainable development goals to enable the global community to address the current and future global challenges.

The FCV, as an organization rooted in Barcelona and working in the international field, we declare ourselves committed to the objectives of the 2030 agenda. Our volunteering projects and educational activities, based on non-formal methodology, intercultural learning and peace education, allow us to contribute the achievement of the following sustainable development goals:


Ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities throughout the world.

FCV works to eliminate gender disparities in education and guarantee equal access for people in vulnerable situations. FCV promotes the development of professional and personal skills, through non-formal education as a tool to access the labour market and entrepreneurship, particularly for young people. For this reason, FCV offers learning spaces for young people to become more active, autonomous and responsible citizens, dynamically collaborating with non-profit organizations. Moreover, we believe in education and volunteering as instruments for sustainable development, the protection of human rights, gender equality, the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, and the value of cultural diversity.


Reduce inequalities between countries.

FCV promotes social, economic and political inclusion of all young people who participate in our projects, regardless of age, gender, religion, origin or any other condition. One of our goals is to seek equal opportunities among people. To make this possible, we open ways for all young people to carry out solidarity actions to improve their environment while building a better present and future for all. On the other hand, we are in favour of facilitating migration and the movement of people between countries to promote intercultural, cooperative and solidarity learning as tools for reducing inequalities.


Promote fair, peaceful and inclusive societies.

From FCV we condemn all forms of violence. One of the fundamental values ​​of our organization is the culture of peace education to enable positive social change in society. Otherwise, we firmly believe in a justice system accessible to all, inclusive and representative. The FCV encourages the participation of youth leaders in awareness-raising and training actions dedicated to peacebuilding and conflict transformation and carries out projects to build networks of entities at an international level in the field of peace and disarmament, education in human rights, non-violence, intercultural dialogue and democratic participation. Moreover, we promote human development, social, economic and cultural initiatives, at a local, regional and international level, to strengthen institutional relations between countries.