From the 7th to the 10th of July, the third transnational meeting took place in the organization of CEIPES in Palermo (Sicily). The meeting had aim to investigate how to control, evaluate and learn from projects and members of the organisation (interns, volunteers, internal members). This research is part of the project “Youth Impact: Strengthening organizational Capacities to Build Peace in Europe”. The coordinating entity is UNOY Peacebuilders and 5 organizations member of UNOY network, of which one is FCV.

visita ceipesDuring these 4 days in Palermo, me, Gorai, a member of FCV, and two fellow researchers more, one from the organization PATRIR in Romania and other from SCI, did a research. To perform this job successfully, we divided the work into three parts. In the first part we did the presentations, the general introduction of the project and we explained the methods we would use during the research. In the second part we mainly used the method of Discussion Group (in the group we had all members from the Sicilian organization). In the third part we visited a school with whom they collaborate. Also, we had an interview via Skype with one of the founders who lives in Portugal.

Currently, from all the information provided, 3 of us researchers are working to make an analysis of what are the needs and the strengths regarding the organizational capacity of CEIPES. The first results of this research will be published in the training for trainers “Understanding and Working with Conflict” which will be held in Vilanova and Geltrú from the 11th to the 18th of October 2015.

More details on the project website!