Youth Impact!

During July 2016 the european cooperation project for innovation and exchange of good practices, Youth impact: strengthening the organisational capabilities to build peace in Europe, has come to an end.

The project, which lasted 18 months, has been coordinated by the international organisation United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) and is the result of the combined work among 6 non-profit


and youth organisations developing programmes of Peace Education: UNOY (the Netherlands), Service Civil International (SCI) (Belgium), International Centre for Promotion of Education and Development –CEIPES– (Italy), European Intercultural Forum (EIF) (Germany), Peace Action, Training and Research Institute – PATRIR- (Romania), and the FCV.

This project has allowed to design a strategy to, first of all, analyse the impact of the work done by social organisations in the Education for Peace field (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning in Six European Youth Peace Organisations); secondly, to create a monitoring, evaluation, and learning system to improve the organisations’ abilities (The Learning Curve: on-line evaluation guide for youth peace organisations).

The Learning Curve” is a guide specifically designed by non-profit and youth organisations executing actions in Peace Building who

youth-impactwant to analyse their routines and work methods to carry out actions and sustainable programmes in time and with a big social and educational impact. They pay special attention to analyse which the systems and practices of their internal organisation are. They also examine aspects like external relations, human and material resources management, organisational culture, the methods to take decisions, or internal knowledge management.

On 30th June the FCV organised a presentation event of the method in the Lafede central office, with the presence of two of the researchers: Celina del Felice and Lluc Martí.

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