Peacebag for EuroMed Youth

“Peace Bag for Euromed Youth” is a long term project coordinated by FCV, with the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation and in collaboration with 17 youth organizations from 14 differentLogo countries: Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Tunisia and Turkey. The goal of the project is to spread awareness about peace education, intercultural dialogue and youth work.

The “Peace Bag” is a combination of working tools, methods, case studies, key concepts, information and practical activities that young people can use and adjust to their necessities. This training guide can help young people to understand how peace and intercultural dialogue can relate with their daily work.

2014-2016 Strategic Plan


Active communities where young people and community leaders have the capacity to see and act upon conflicts, turn them into opportunities and act in order to find happiness in working and living together peacefully on inner, interpersonal, social
and environment levels.


We are a network of NGOs working in the EuroMed region that aims to empower, enhance, build, increase capacities of young people and community leaders, in transforming conflicts to nonviolent procedures and creating support structures that will lead to local, regional and international peace.

  • General Values: respect, honesty, humility, trust, integrity, empathy, diversity, empowerment, freedom, simplicity, responsibility, responsiveness;
  • Approach: nonviolence, inclusiveness, creativity, equality, flexibility;
  • Ethics: transparency, accountability, walking the talk (Practice what you preach).
Strategic Objectives
  • Rising awareness;
  • Capacity building;
  • Creation of support structures;
  • Network development.

In the framework of the network and during 2016, the FCV has promoted the development of SVE long-term projects  as a strategy for human resources of the network, promoting SVE projects with the title “Volunteering for Peace” among the network members and in collaboration with Spanish and Turkish National Agency.

Besides, the FCV has coordinated the request for “Peace Bag 2.0” international project in the framework of the  Anna Lindh Foundation’s call for fundings for intercultural dialogue, in collaborating with the rest of the 15 network member organisations. The non-selected project contains specifics for digital methods and infrastructures to support the net, and promote their educational aims and resources in digital format.  Nevertheless, the EuroMed “Training for Trainers” Course was endorsed in the same official announcement. It will be develop throughout 2017 —coordinated by UNOY-Peacebuilders and promoted by the FCV.

Furthermore, the FCV has collaborated in the organisation of “Global Youth Rising” international peace field, held in Romania and co-hosted by PATRIR.

The online PeaceBag manual!