A long-term volunteering in Slovakia

Claudia is doing her long-term volunteer work in Slovakia, at a youth centre. Here she tells us a little about her day to day life! 

The project has different activities that are classified by clubs and that take place inside and outside the centre. Now, I mainly teach Spanish, but I also participate in the cooking workshops, dance and chess club. Weeks pass very fast and it is very entertaining, honestly 🙂

Every day I have a different schedule, but let’s say that I am mostly active from 10 am when I go to the centre and prepare activities or anything until lunch (11-12 am here). Then I go home and then at about 2.30 pm I go back to the centre, according to the time at which the clubs start until 17h.

There is also some work on weekends, but not every week, so I also do some activities such as climbing walls, and I look forward to seeing falcons and eagles on a Sunday, but it is quite depending on the weather.

Although I don’t seem to have time for anything else, I also practise yoga on Mondays from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm in the centre and it is great for me to disconnect and relax.

I met people outside the centre and can have a “break” quietly with them on the weekends. They speak English and a girl even speaks Spanish, so you see everything runs smoothly!