Transnational Project meeting ‘Fine arts for FINE learning’

From 4 to 6 November 2022, the international project team composed of experts from 5 countries met for one of the final stages of the ‘Fine Arts for FINE Learning’ initiative. Lolo, Ruggero, Zach, and Juditta, together with the two FCV representatives Lluc and Zaklina, met to plan the last steps and tasks to undertake to be publishing the 2 intellectual products we are working on for almost one year before March 2023: the Toolkit and the Website, from which the Toolkit will be available.

Juditta, the representative of the Hungarian team, hosted us in Budapest, preparing for us the best possible work conditions, as well as introducing us to local cuisine, and showing us the city center at night.

One day we worked in the EKE office, and the other day in the cultural center Aurora, where we discussed and planned together the final format of the initiative outcomes and how do we organize to finalize them with the support of everybody (and within such a limited time).

Thanks to the youth, creative, ambitious, and committed team of individuals we build, we succeed in making decisions that will let us deliver both a toolkit and a digital platform. Both tools will allow everyone to understand the FINE concept and approach, use and experiment with an innovative and original learning method, as well as reproduce some of the most successful FINE activities which we have implemented in the last months in the 5 participating countries, which were selected by this team to be included in the toolkit.

We are really content with all the ideas we shared and the final picture of what the project will offer to many other youth organizations, educational centers, art schools, educators, artists, youth workers, and art practitioners, hoping it will be useful to encourage them to explore the power of arts as a non-formal learning tool to achieve learning results with a great impact and value.

We would like to thank Lolo, Zach, and Ruggero for their dedication and ideas, and express our gratitude to Juditta and Elemér for their hospitality, and energy, and for showing us the city. 

The group, assembled by 7 people representing the 5 promoter organizations: Youth Center of Amarante (Portugal), Co-Efficient Association (Hungary), United Societies of Balkans (Greece), Human Rights Youth Organization (Italy), and Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, coordinator of the initiative.

It is implemented with the support of the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission and the Spanish National Agency and was selected in 2020 under the extraordinary call for strategic partnerships focused on the development of skills and inclusion through creativity and the arts.

If you wish to have more information about the next project activities, and how to be involved, feel free to send us an email to

We will keep you posted !