Dates and place: The one-day event will take place on Thursday, June 17, 2021 in Barcelona.

Promoter organizations: we are 7 non-governmental entities in total, members of the Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation-REFAL in Catalonia: ArtiXoc, Irenia-Jocs de Pau, Creart Association, Mescladís Association, Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària and Azahara Cultural Association for Development Cooperation.

What will happen?

The FCV coordinates the organization of an intense day of debate and exchange, where 21 people, professionals from the 7 promoter entities, will share experiences and knowledge, present activities, identify the keys to the success of these activities, and discuss their degree of adaptation to the socio-cultural contexts and, more specifically, to the current challenges that affect people who are migrant and refugees.

We plan to reflect, debate and share ideas to reach conclusions and advance in the promotion of new initiatives in a collaborative way and looking beyond our scope of action and experience.

The activity has the support of the Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation (call for intercultural projects and decentralized meetings). This is one of the two activities in Spain that have received support under this call.

Objectives: The 2 general objectives are:

1) To learn about the issue of refuge and the challenges related to migration based on the experience, knowledge and background of the 7 organizations that organize the event, (members of the REFAL network), so there is no need ‘to reinvent the wheel’.

 2) To analyze the usefulness of the actions that the organizations carry out and improve networking between them for future collaborations.

Foreseen results: The event will offer new solutions and valid answers to the challenges that organizations themselves have in response to some of the needs of individuals who are migrants and refugees in Catalonia, from their diverse experiences and perspectives.

During the day, the activities will allow the exchange of relevant information about the work that they are carrying out, in a process guided by a team of facilitators, so that we will come out with proposals for new activities and projects, relevant conclusions for the third sector and other results desired by the organizations themselves.

We plan to make a short video and a descriptive report of the day, with information on the presentations, conclusions and results of the activity.