• International seminar ”Equal Volunteering Opportunities for all”

    The FCV will carry out an international seminar with the participation of 25 youth workers: The international seminar ‘Equal Volunteering Opportunities for All’ will take place from 1 to 7 September, in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), at the Hotel César, with the participation of 25 youth workers who are

  • Results of the international visit ‘Tools and Mechanisms for Youth Participation’

    From June 10 to 16, la Fundación Catalunya Voluntària had the privilege of hosting a group of 11 people, including top representatives of 4 municipalities of Georgia (Chkhorotsku, Akhmeti, Poti and Borjumi) and the directors of 3 non-profit, non-governmental entities of the country (Academy for Peace Development- APD, Coalition for

  • The art of nonviolent resistance: the story of the Singing Revolution in Estonia

    On the 17th of July, at Casa del Mar, we facilitated a workshop dedicated to the topic of nonviolent resistance and shared the example of the Singing Revolution in Estonia. The workshop was organized by Alice Britta Kukk and Helen Maria Raadik, who are carrying out their European voluntary service

  • Don’t you know what to do next year? Are you thinking about doing a gap year?

    Did you know that, in many European countries, when students finish high school, they decide to take a gap year before entering the University? Why in a country like Spain this trend is not well seen or does it not directly occur to us to do a gap year? The

  • Workshops about media literacy

    During the months of May and June, FCV carried out five workshops about the topic of critical reading, digital literacy and critical thinking. The workshops took place at Jonqueres Institute in Sabadell and in Celestí Bellera High School, with the participation of 41 students. Critical reading is a reading that is

  • Want to find out more about what nonviolent resistance is?

    Want to find out more about what nonviolent resistance is and how it can help to fight for social change and justice in our societies? Come and learn about nonviolent resistance through the unique historic events that took place during the Estonian independence movement, called the Singing Revolution. The Fundación

  • Making a volunteer in Lithuania has changed my vision of the world:

    Semyor volunteered in Lithuania and explained his experience: Hello! My name is Semyon, and I participated in a European Volunteering Project in Lithuania, in a small town called Skuodas, where I helped as a teacher’s assistant in English and Russian. Also, I gave Spanish lessons. After spending 7 months in

  • My experience in the mid term evaluation!

    Alice volunteer of FCV, explain her experience in the mid term evaluation: From June 10 to 14, I attended the mid-term evaluation seminar in Mollina (Málaga), Andalucía, an activity aimed at all the volunteers who are currently carrying out their European volunteering (ESC) projects in Spain. The seminar, a meeting

  • We have arrived to Pesaro!

    The group of participants for the internship program TLN Mobilicat in Italy has already reached their destination for the next three months: The Italian city of Pesaro. With well loaded suitcases, they all met in El Prat Airport to start the journey. Sergio had the chance to accompain the group

  • Vegan Brunch: Come and find out!

    Next Friday, June 28th, from 12 noon, we will celebrate an informative Brunch at Casa del Mar! Come and learn about the opportunities offered by different European programs to go abroad in a subsidized manner, with the aim of developing personal and professional skills during stays. Do you want to

  • The study visit ‘Tools and mechanisms for youth participation’ will include the main centers for young people in Barcelona

    Only three days left to start the international study visit Tools and mechanisms for youth participation, organized by Fundació Catalunya Voluntària-FCV in Barcelona, ​​from June 10 to 15. At this point, we are pleased to inform you about some of the entities with whom we are collaborating: on the one

  • Life is giving us opportunities every day. The European Volunteering Awards through the eyes of Marcin

    Life is giving us opportunities every day. Sometimes really little things can change our way of thinking. Like Winston Churchill said: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” In the past I was focusing more on all difficulties the life was giving to

  • Do you want to volunteer for peace in Barcelona?

    Do you want to be part of initiatives to promote peace in Barcelona? Do you want to start new activities and projects of awareness and training? In the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària-FCV we are constantly looking for the help of young people and adults who want to carry out solidarity actions to

  • Breaking stereotypes during my European volunteer project in Romania

    Since I have been in Romania for three months now, I start to have a better conception of its reality. In general terms, my thoughts have been that we have many unfounded prejudices about this country, which are often wrong: people are usually kind, the country is safe and has

  • Barcelona will host a study visit to learn tools and mechanisms for youth participation

    The Fundació Catalunya Voluntària-FCV organizes the study visit Tools and Mechanisms for Youth Participation from 10 to 16 June. The meeting takes place within the framework of a key action for the exchange of good practices and innovation in the field of youth, entitled Empower for change, This is a two years