From Fundació Catalunya Voluntària-FCV, we are pleased to inform you about the publication of the Youth4Peace toolkit, edited by UNOY, which you can check through this link.

Along the 141 pages, you will find very useful tools and activities when organizing educational activities that seek to promote peace and an active citizenship. The manual will allow us to understand concepts as complex as peace, violence or conflict, and will help us to develop competences that are not offered by the educational system.

We encourage you to explore the manual to discover opportunities to act, techniques to prevent and manage conflicts and to communicate better, to elaborate discourses and non-violent narratives and, finally, to spread messages that are important in the promotion of peace. The manual reflects the value of the education for peace and non-formal education and shows the importance of changing perspective in order to change the narrative and, as a consequence, society.

The access to the manual is for free and is especially recommended to trainers, facilitators and educators who want to organize new training activities.

The manual has a special value for the FCV because it includes knowledge acquired over several years by two people who have collaborated and worked in the FCV: Romeral Ortiz, author of the manual, and Meghan Villanueva, editor. Both have played an important role in the initiatives promoted by the FCV, a member of UNOY for more than 10 years. In partnership with UNOY, the FCV has organized six trainings, published the ‘Peace Bag for Euro Med Youth‘ manual and has collaborated in the implementation of the ‘Mainstreaming Peace Education in Youth Work‘ manual, published by the European Intercultural Forum, which we also recommend .

Enjoy your reading!

Lluc Martí – Clam per la Pau