Welcome future volunteers,

I am writing to you in order to share my anecdotes about a youth exchange I did. In spring, I decided to do a different trip so I took part in international project named “EcoMission”, which is about environmental problems in our countries, and how our governments are contributing to solve them.

sve_irais-2So my adventure started because of my motivation about nature, though, to be honest with you, I’ve never thought about travelling to the Baltic. However, the experience was definitely very enriching because of the many friendly people I met and the good atmosphere of cultural diversity. The participants came from 6 different countries: Turkey, Catalonia, Latvia, Romania, Malta and Bulgaria. That was an amazing multicultural group, I already miss them.

The organization that received us in Rezekne was World Our Home. We were very lucky to be under their supervision because they provided us all possible facilities: for example, every night they let us use a big room for parties or provide food and drink every time. sve_irais-4Visiting the Baltic was shocking at first, because the area is very different from what I was used to see in Barcelona. Furthermore, the experience of visiting Vilnius and Rezekne was like travelling back in the time. For instance, I remember Latvia and Lithuania as very religious, grey and dull places; however our big team of more than 40 people made it such a funny and comfortable place.

Word Our Home managed a schedule full of activities the activities, such as energizers, environmental debates, pottery workshop, flash mob, the intercultural night and several touristic tours around Latvia. sve_irais-1However, I’d like to highlight two activities: the intercultural, night were all the groups managed to bring their own products and cuisine and shared them in a big table with the rest of participants and the energizers, which consisted of playing team games in order to break the ice and get to know each other.

Overall, I am so happy I had this amazing opportunity and, as you may notice, I enjoyed it a lot. So, I really advise you to do something different in your lives and to go out from your comfort zone. To conclude, I would like to thank FCV and World Our Home: It was a pleasure to meet you and to know that both of you are working for expanding horizons for the young people.