Personal Branding for Youth Entrepreneurship.

The youngest generation of adults (18 to 25) is often described as the “jobless generation”, a fact which is based on official data showing that one in two young people of this age are unemployed. The effects of this situation affect the economic and social situation, increasing the number of young people at risk of social exclusion and poverty.

Besides the lack of employment, such “generation” have not had the opportunity to learn and to put into practice through he workshops a range of skills and attitudes that various studies identify as the most important value to find a job nowadays, such as self-knowledge, digital skills, initiative, while there will be also offered a variety of useful tools for developing entrepreneurship and social enterprise itself, looking for information about initiatives and funding opportunities and exploring the road of transforming an idea into a business.

The FCV invites all those interested in participating in these 4 free workshops, that will take place every Wednesday, starting from 9th of September. The one hour and 30 minutes workshops will begin at 18:00 in the Casa del Mar (C/Albareda 1-13 Barcelona). The courses will be delivered in English.

All the participants, that will attend all of the workshops, will receive a certificate of participation by the FCV.

If you are interested, please fill in the following online registration form. We recommend to register as soon as possible as, because places are limited.

The only two requirements are: to have no more than 30 years and have a basic / medium knowledge of English (in which workshops will be held).