I have to say that it has been a unique experience, I am very happy with the trainers, and with the people that surrounded me, I have had a very good relationship with everyone and if I did not understand something, they helped me to understand it.

I have met wonderful people from different countries, with different cultures and different ways of seeing things, sharing tastes both musical and food, I have been a great friendship that I hope I do not lose.

At the local parties where we helped, I was comfortable because I felt good helping in whatever was necessary, always with the colleagues and volunteers, we had a good time, it did not seem like a volunteering, it seemed like a vacation with a totally different atmosphere, with a little effort to do things so that people enjoy the festival of Beja Na Rua and the songs of a group of guys in which we participate in a project for the song “Beja Merece” to show to the old people and children of Beja.

I have learned many things; I did not know the effort behind the festivities, after the events that are around the world, now I know because I have been able to live the experience of helping and seeing it. In addition, I gained experience with English, because it was the language in which we all communicated and thanks to the practice for 3 weeks, now I can understand and communicate a little better in English.

The teamwork and the desire to help were great.

We had free time to visit other places, guided by our trainers, looked after us and worried that we would all be well both in the stay and in any place.

I am very grateful for everything you have done for us, both the team of Autonomia e Descoberta  and Catalunya Voluntària for this great opportunity, thank you very much for everything!