I’m in the middle of my EVS experience and I would never have said that I would now find myself in this situation. I am considering staying until the project is over and then, looking for work related to my studies. I have adapted very well and I like the life here. People, in general, are very nice and welcoming and, especially, they like that people from Spanish culture live here. We have similar personalities, I think. This is how I feel. You can never feel at home, but it is enough to make it an enjoyable unforeseeable experience.

I have improved my English a lot and it is no longer a problem as it was at the beginning, to understand everything and to express myself. The Irish accent is perfectly understandable and they try to speak clearly when they realized that I was from abroad. Even so, it is always good to do activities and read on my own to keep improving.

The weather is one of the difficult parts if you are not accustomed to the cold and the rain, but it is a matter of adapting and wearing warm clothes always helps. In addition, the landscapes and the local culture are wonderful.

The project was motivating since the host organisation gave me a lot of freedom to include activities of personal interest and they are always open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement.

The people I live with made me feel comfortable and we have become like a “family” in which, like in all families, problems arise, but we worked on solving them and took care of each other. I think that in my case, living with three German girls and a Scottish boy, I’ve had a lot of influence in having a closer contact and a less structured philosophy. I also learned a lot about the management and forecasting of tensions.

There is still time ahead and I don’t know what will happen, but I have the feeling that I will stay longer than I expected in Ireland or at least I would like that. I would encourage any person to experience this enriching experience.

I say you goodbye with one of the photos I like the most. If there is one thing I love is to TRAVEL!