On March 23th, at Casa del Mar in Barcelona, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària team attended to an interesting presentation about how to be an influencer made by Fiorella, volunteer at the FCV.

This idea came after some of Fiorella’s life experiences and a lot of research and conversations with well known YouTubers in Latin America.  She found out that being an influencer is not as easy as it seems, because it’s a really serious job and it needs a lot of work, effort, passion, creativity, determination and authenticity behind it.

She shared some of the secrets to be a successful influencer, like understanding the importance of being passionate about a topic, as this is the key to reach the people. You have to register and show something that you love and which you believe in.

For further information about this topic and how to be a cool and real influencer, you can find Fiorella on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram under the name of fiolertora.