From November 3 to 10 the FCV hosted the international seminar ‘Volunteering for Change’, which was attended by 22 youth workers and volunteers. Adding, they represented a total of 13 non-profit organizations and volunteers from Hungary, Romania, Greece, Latvia, Bulgaria, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Catalonia, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Estonia and Poland.

For a whole week, Hotel César in the sea district of the capital of Garraf, was the venue for a very special meeting, marked by intercultural learning and the exchange of experiences. The participants staged an intense program of activities, dedicated to favour teamwork and to share good practices, techniques and work methodologies for the management of volunteering and to offer support focused on learning and encouraging the active participation of young people in volunteer projects and activities.

The entities, with an outstanding experience in the management of volunteer projects, were able to share their vision of youth volunteering. This is, understood as an opportunity for social change, capable of carrying out actions with impact and of developing new capacities on the part of the volunteers themselves, which improves the work of the entities themselves.

During the seminar took place activities in plenary and in small groups, presentations, games, workshops, exercises, simulations and challenges of various kinds. Participants held a conference, 3 workshops and a presentation of selected tools and, in less than 3 hours, created three videos for the promotion of volunteering for change, a game dedicated to volunteering and an online campaign, with the hashtag #volunteeringchangedmylife .

The group enjoyed a privileged work space, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and sunsets that are not easy to forget, doing some of the activities on the beach of Ribes Roges.

You can see a short video about the activity here:

For more information about the activity, carried out with the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and the Spanish National Agency, you can send an email to