Hello! My name is Semyon, and I participated in a European Volunteering Project in Lithuania, in a small town called Skuodas, where I helped as a teacher’s assistant in English and Russian. Also, I gave Spanish lessons.

After spending 7 months in Lithuania, my idea about volunteering has changed. Before leaving, I thought it would be like a normal and routine job that you have to go to and do pretty much the same thing every day.

After finishing the project, I still saw it a bit like that, but the most important thing was to realize how my vision of the current world changed with each person I talked to, with each activity I did, and not only in school, but also in other places in the country.

I lived so many experiences that I can not summarize them in one sentence, but I always want to remember them. I had never lived without my parents, and for me it was one of the challenges of the project: face the problems and responsibilities without their help, and I think I did very well!

Also, I now have many friends from all over the world, even from outside the European Union. The experience was great. Of course, there were some more delicate situations, but as in everything in life, we face positive and negative things in each situation.

In summary, I believe that this type of project should continue to exist and be filled with different people from different cultures and backgrounds, since they really help to break prejudices and establish beautiful intercultural relations.

I want to thank all of my mentors and tutors, we did it the best way we could.