Last January I joined a training course in Cascais organized by Rota Jovem. Agatha, Diana, Gisela and I were chosen to stand for the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària.

The objective was to get to know the different challenges of global education to encourage young people to participate actively in society. Among the participants we had to share our experiences, and look for different methods to overcome obstacles.

At first I was not sure how I would fit into the training and if I would make a good contribution. But then I felt lucky that I went and lived this unforgettable experience!

Several European countries joined the course. Social and cultural diversity was a plus that helped in the development of ideas and points of view, when discussing facts and suggesting solutions.

During 7 days we carried out a multitude of group activities that helped us to deepen into the problem and promote cohesion. One of these activities was to divide us into three groups, each one played a social class and proposed a fair distribution of wealth. The different points of view and the opposing emotions were very interesting according to the group where you were located.

We visited the inaugural ceremony of the European Youth Capital in Estoril. They also showed us a marginal neighborhood, where thanks to the collaboration of the neighbors, they managed to improve the image and attract tourism using the facades of the buildings as a canvas for impressive works of art.

Last day we were taken to a traditional restaurant where I tried the best cod I’ve ever eaten.

But specially, the thing that has contributed most to make this one of the best experiences, has been the good relationship among all the participants. I will always remember the good times shared in the bar, visiting Lisbon, playing board games or just walking on the beach.

To say goodbye was very sad. It’s surprising how in just a week you can connect with people of customs and thoughts that are very different from yours.

I recommend everyone to participate in this unique experience.