Fundación Catalunya Voluntaria, member of the Youth Council of Barcelona, is part of its Group of cooperative work. The objective of the group is favouring the ability of defending the Human Rights of the most disadvantaged groups, starting from youth participation, interassociative work and Peace Education. For this reason, the project that we are currently developing revolves around the promotion of associationism, the creation and strengthening of local youth platforms and the consolidation of the political youth dialogue in the Moroccan context of the coastal city of Tangier.

With these objectives in mind, the last 20th of March, the members of the group of cooperative work went to Tangier so as to carry out a training course with “Casal Tánger” and with the organizations of the network “TanjaZoom”. In this occasion (the group has already been working with the network for two years), the goal was defining  the concepts of mission, vision and values so as to provide the TanjaZoom network with the knowledge and tools needed for developing its working strategic plan.

I, Gorai, as the representative person of Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, had the opportunity to be part of this last course. I found it very interesting because I was able to know what are the interests and needs of the organizations in Tangier, and because I was able to contribute to the good development of an associative network. However, what I liked the most was discovering that, although in Morocco prevails Islam, we are very similar, culturally and socially. I also think is time that we all get rid of our stereotypes and prejudices associated with Moroccan people.

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Gorai Ramjee.