How many times have we dreamed of freezing a moment?

How many times do we wish we had time to rest and heal our nerves from all the daily traffic jams on the road? I don’t exercise because I don’t have time, I don’t cook because I don’t have time, I live in my family’s house, but I don’t see my parents because we don’t have time either.

And what do you tell me about living an infinite weekend? Hopefully!

Hello again everyone, I am Patricia, a volunteer and member of System and Generation. This time I am writing to you from my home, in Spain, more specifically in Granada, where I have been in quarantine since March 13 was decreed in Spain. Since then I have gone through several phases…

And it is that, having arrived just 5 days ago from Turkey, being at home seemed like a wonderful idea, then the days got more complicated and monotonous and boring and now, simply resigned and in my fourth week without stepping on the street, I have understood how lucky I am to be here and with whom I am: at home with my family.

I write to you on a rainy afternoon, listening to the soundtrack of one of my favourite video games, Skyrim, drinking my cup of Osmanli coffee that I brought from Ankara; but above all happy for the nostalgia that is invading me today, because that means that I have great moments to remember.

Forgive the mess in this article, but after writing some previous attempts about the Covid-19, the desire I have to see my friends again and set foot on Turkish soil again, I have simply preferred to stop complaining and enjoy what I now have.

Anyway, see you soon! I am very sure of it.

A big hug from Spain

P.S. Thank you very much for the medical material you sent us, Turkey.