Have you ever felt the flow?

A special connection with a person just knowing it?

Maybe you have not stopped laughing for a long time and you did not know why (without cheating!)?

Or did you take action without thinking about it, letting yourself be carried away by your instinct?

I will contextualize a bit, (Nobody go to sleep!) The human being has had the game very present in its evolution and has been one of the pillars. Through the game we learn, socialize and expand our limits. It is evident that today’s society patriarchal system represses from very small children from all its tentacles: family, education, politics … made us obey a man or lady who was supposed to teach us something because they presuppose that we are empty and therefore, we must fill in knowledge and play as little as possible because it is wasting time.

When in reality it is the real game, the free game that makes us connect with our essence, helps us to develop our potential and makes us feel free, through the game we can see all the possibilities and empower ourselves to achieve everything we set out to do . As adults, I consider all those children who stopped playing freely to return that game in a more mature way.

In the workshops, Let’s Move the Laught! we created a laboratory space for body expression where we connect spontaneity and the present moment to connect with our essence and develop our true potential.

 What has led me to prepare these workshops in the FCV have been the desire to share a method that has personally helped me in my personal development and I think it is something that anyone who is curious should try for themselves to see the clear Short and long term benefits, if they are made continuously. Being able to take these techniques to the greatest number of people is one of the motivations that I have had the most in recent months, so if FCV wants to carry out a second edition of the workshops.

I have gained experience taking groups of all ages, to enjoy the opportunity of being able to carry out the workshops, even the day that nobody could come. That day I realized that direct dynamics of personal development is something I want to deepen. The mere fact of knowing that I am in the way of something that makes me feels in the flow, in the game.

I love seeing people moving with spontaneity, with joy and enjoyment. To see them laugh at the absurd, at how silly we are and see how the trial gradually disappears to enter a state of sincerity and authenticity.

I am grateful, Thanks for the opportunity!

Alberto Jiménez Díaz