To deal with the wave of racism in Europe, just few days after the refugee week, on the 27th of June, at Casa del Mar, FCV organized a workshop about stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination and how to break them.

The workshop was a follow-up activity of a training course “Changing realities – Non-formal education as tool for social transformation” about non-formal education within the European project “Peacebuilding framework competence in youth work and NFE in Europe”, to which two volunteers of FCV attended in Croatia, from the 1st to 9th of February. Julia Stollenwerk, participant of the training course and volunteer of FCV, planned and actualized the workshop with the support of FCV.

That’s why we were more than happy to see that the group who took part in this workshop,was made up of 7 people. It was an intergenerational, international and intercultural group, with people that had been victims of stereotypes and discriminations, in a direct and indirect way, and that were aware of having stereotypes and would go beyond them.

After a brief presentation of the group, the workshop started with a funny and a creative activity, the “Cultionary” game in which we explored our own stereotypical images about some cultures and some professions.Then the workshop carried on with other two activities: “the differences between stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination”, that was a bit more theoretical and the last one “Guess who is coming for dinner”, a role-playing game that makes you see and imagine different points of view.

The workshop ended with a positive evaluation, as Irene, one of the participants and volunteer of FCV, said «it was a participatory interactive workshop,that makes you think about stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination in Europe and around the world».

Besides, the participants and other people, who unfortunately couldn’t have attended to the workshop, showed their interest in participating in more workshops on this subject, to learn more about new techniques and how to act in a case of discrimination. Therefore, we would repeat the workshop and organise a second part of it, in which we hope that more people will participate.

So, if you are interested in this topic, let’s keep an eye on our website and fb page.