My experience as a European volunteer doing EVS is very positive. I arrived almost seven months ago, in October. Time flies! I found this opportunity by chance and it is for sure one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I’m in Anzola dell’Emilia, Bologna, an incredible city in northern Italy. Here I have met many people from all over Europe who have already become friends for life. Especially due to the On Arrival Training -OAT, a week of training in a random city in the country, where I laughed as had never before. With them I have visited Naples, Rome, Florence… and even Torre Pellice, a small town in Piedmont where my best friend lives. We share the same hobbies and jokes come out by themselves.

A good moment was when we swam in the Genovese Mediterranean, Ligurian Sea, in the month of November during the OAT. Or when we went out to party and we ended up taking over the computer and the music of the bar to put what we wanted. I also had a great time learning to make tortellini, the dish par excellence of the region -with the permission of ragu.

My EVS is very rewarding and I realize this in small details: a girl coming to tell me that the exam has gone very well thanks to my help; to see that they are improving their Spanish every day; that they ask me why I was not at the youth center the day before … When someone notices that you are not there, you are doing things well.

EVS is a 100% recommended experience for all young people who want to live abroad for some time and do not know how, they cannot afford it or simply have not had the opportunity until now. I still have five months left and many plans and trips to make!