From 9 to 16 September, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària (FCV) co-organized and participated in the international seminar ‘Go European! Building Transnational Youth Partnerships for Youth Participation’, in which participated about 50 young people, representatives of non-governmental and youth entities from Serbia, Croatia, Moldova, Hungary, Belarus, Romania, Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Estonia, Catalonia, Ukraine and Turkey.

During a week, in Yanoshi, which is very close to the border with Hungary, we worked as a team in identifying challenges and solutions for youth participation; we reflected on the potential of such participation in a context in which many young people do not have the voice or power to defend their interests in the decision-making bodies and spaces; We exchanged good practices and ideas to carry out new activities and social, cultural and non-regulated training projects at international level (on issues such as entrepreneurship or environmental awareness and education).

In addition to making new friends and finding new partners, the participants learned about the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + program and about new educational tools to promote participation and active social inclusion.

The project began in August with an online preparation and will continue in the coming months with several follow-up actions, designed to make known and take advantage of the results of the activity, including a manual of good practices made with the contribution of all the participants.

The fact that Lluc Martí, responsible for programs at the FCV, was one of the two co-facilitators of the activity, allowed us, on this occasion, to put into practice the experience and knowledge of the FCV in order to successfully achieve the objectives of this activity.

The activity, coordinated by the German entity European Intercultural Forum, has been carried out with the support of the Erasmus + program and the German National Agency.

For more information about the activity and results, you can send an email to (Lluc)