On Monday 13th of June, FCV organized a pre-departure training with the future volunteers that soon will start their European Voluntary Service projects in various countries, such as Latvia, Poland and Bulgaria.Mou-te per Aprendre! VIDEO

During the training the participants got to know other youngsters who in their same situation, they were able to solve the last doubts they had and understand what  are the main challenges and opportunities that the EVS experience entails.

We spent the whole afternoon to inform the participants about the conditions of the program and the most characteristic elements of the EVS actions, about the competences that they can develop, of what problems and conflicts they may encounter, the cultural shock and much more.

The training created a space where all participants could meet and exchange practical information and advice! Silvia, the Italian EVS in FCV took part in the training as well.

We wish to all the participants a great trip and an amazing EVS!