Spread Your Wings











Name of the project: Spread Your Wings

Hosting organization: Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej

Period: 01.07.2022 – 24.04.2023

Where: Leszno, Poland

Vacancy: 2

Brief description:

You will get the chance to live and work with 12 more young people from all over Europe, and the world. Learn how to develop and deliver non-formal learning activities for youth and kids contributing to the local community. Of course, you will have time for walks, travelling, having fun, meeting new people, exploring.
During your stay you will create, facilitate and organize non-formal learning activities for children and youth in the local community; be trained in aspects of non-formal education and gain familiarity with using them in the field; implement activities related to permaculture; create host and facilitate non-formal activities and eco-workshops for youth visiting the centre every week; organize events and environmental activities for the broader public; share rooms, cook, clean, do recycling and maintain your living space; promote the actions and activities through several channels (social media, blogging, video making, photography, pop-up events etc); visit and help in food bank and homeless shelter.

Concrete tasks:

  • Volunteers during their stay will have a chance to cooperate with Leszno Food Bank in Leszno, ECHO Association, Local Committee for Protection of Children’s Rights Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Intervention and Rehabilitation Center, Men’s Shelter. Apart from supporting the activities of these institutions, they will have a chance to integrate with volunteers of these centers
  • Action Reaction are meetings with young people and Polish volunteers, aimed at undertaking solidarity actions for the benefit of the local community with previously identified, socially relevant problems, issues that are currently happening (A-R aims at strengthening the local community to respond to current social issues). During the A-R meetings, events will be implemented,festivals, flashmobs, social campaigns in response to issues with wellbeing, food waste, climate issues, human rights.
  • Cooking workshops, or cooking for donating dishes to the Eatlodnica, it operates as the night shelter for the homeless.
  • Create a swap market, and also during which the local community will be able to exchange unused garments, take part in fashion shows from eco responsible wear.

Participant profile:

  • 18-30 years old.
  • Legal residents of one of the Erasmus+ programme countries and they don’t require visa to enter Poland.
  • Eager to learn or already have some knowledge on how to give non-formal learning activities.
  • Enthusiasm for creating learning activities and social intervention activities.
  • Eager to take initiative and create opportunities for themselves and the society.
  • Willing to share their message to the world through social and visual media channels.
  • Priority will be given to those that are facing or have faced any kind of troubles in life.

Que s’ofereix al voluntari/a:

La totalitat de les despeses d’allotjament, manutenció, transport local, assegurança mèdica, suport lingüístic i visat (si fos necessari) estan cobertes pel programa Cos Europeu de Solidaritat de la Comissió Europea.

L’entitat organitzadora farà efectiu el pagament del cost del viatge internacional (fins a la quantia màxima del pressupost establert) un cop presentats els documents  justificatius del viatge i de la compra realitzada.

Els voluntaris/es també reben suport personal (mentor) i suport relacionat amb les tasques (supervisor) per part de l’entitat d’enviament i d’acollida abans, durant i després del projecte.

Al finalitzar el projecte els voluntaris/es rebran el Youthpass, certificat que acredita el seu pas pel CES.

Qui pot participar?

Una persona jove de 18 a 30 anys. La persona participant del projecte ha de ser activa, flexible, motivada, creativa i interessada en la participació activa i la implicació personal.

Que cal fer per participar?

1) Preparar una carta de motivació personalitzada pel projecte en anglès (o en la llengua oficial del país de destinació);

2) Preparar el teu currículum en anglès (o en la llengua oficial del país de destinació);

3) Enviar tots dos documents a: info@catalunyavoluntaria.cat especificant el títol del projecte en el qual t’agradaria participar. 

La FCV enviarà totes les candidatures a l’entitat d’acollida, qui farà la selecció final del/s voluntari/es.

Per a més informació sobre el SVE, pots trucar al 93 412 44 93 o bé, enviar un email a: info@catalunyavoluntaria.cat