Red Cross of Marotta-Mondolfo











Name of the project: Red Cross of Marotta-Mondolfo

Hosting organization: Vicolocorto

Period: 01.09.2022 – 31.03.2023

Where: Marotta, Italy

Vacancy: 1

Brief description:

The volunteers will take part in the activities of the Local Committee of the Red Cross of Marotta-Mondolfo, supporting their staff and volunteers.  In being a small Committee of the Red Cross, it’s the perfect environment for the volunteers to learn new skills and to build more intense human relationships in a short time.

The volunteers WILL NOT be involved in emergency situations and WILL NOT deal with First Aid interventions. In this moment of world emergency, the contribution of each volunteer is extremely precious and valued!

Moreover, each volunteer will have the possibility to participate in the training courses organized by the Committee and in the Italian language course. The volunteers will have, in fact, the opportunity to learn Italian very quickly, not only thanks to the language course, but above all thanks to the numerous possibilities for conversation and exchange.

The volunteers will live in Marotta, a town of about 12 thousand inhabitants, located on the coast. Therefore, the volunteers will find themselves within walking distance of a beautiful beach on the Adriatic Sea.  

Concrete tasks:

  • Support to children with autism on their way to the school;
  • Support to elderly and people with disability on their way to the hospital;
  • Educational and informative activities and workshops;
  • Support in the organisation and implementation of events organised by the Local Commitee of Marotta-Mondolfo about HIV prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion.