Gladsaxe municipality











Name of the project: Gladsaxe municipality

Hosting organization: Ung i Gladsaxe

Period: Beginning of September 2022 – Beginning of June 2023

Where: Denmark

Vacancy: 1

Brief description:

1. The volunteers will mainly be working in the youth clubs, situated in different parts of Gladsaxe. 

Here, the volunteers will participate/make events and activities that strengthen the integration between the youngsters in Gladsaxe. Activities such as game tournaments, trips etc.

2. Strengthen cultural communities and values, through exchange of experience between volunteers and local youth 

The volunteers will be part of an environment that already has many minorities. The environment the volunteer will encounter, will be characterized by the fact that there will be young people and people, with many different cultural backgrounds. By being around the various youth clubs, the volunteers will also contribute with an intercultural exchange between all young people throughout the municipality.

3. Participating in the administration of concerts at the local music venue, the association life in the cultural house Teleonfabrikken and workshops in Gladsaxe:

We intend to present the volunteer for the association life. The volunteer will contribute to the music community in the local music venue, Richter, where he/she can be a part of a facilitating team on the day of the concerts. This will typically happen once a week.

He/she can also participate in workshops at the local high school or primary schools, telling about the ESC programme and their experience. Here, the volunteers will also experience the Danish school culture. The volunteer can also be a part of the programmes in the cultural house, Telefonfabrikken. In addition, we will also be open to ideas, for the volunteer’s leisure life, during the hours that are not programmed. We also have a great insight into Gladsaxe’s association and cultural life and can therefore inspire the volunteer to what he or she finds interesting, such as sports, concerts, music, theatre and so on.

4. Through the creation of events, activities and arrangements, will create positive social communities that can be maintained and supported during, as well as after, the volunteers visit:

Our aim, and hope, is that the activities and events that the volunteer and the host team in the community have created, could be of benefit and joy, for other young people around the municipality. We want to achieve a “domino” effect in relation to the activities and initiatives that arise, based on the volunteers visit. Our clear goal is that the experiences, activities and social / intercultural co-learnings, that naturally arise from participation in “visit facilitation”, will be of great benefit to the young people who have had a role in voluntary visits.

5. Facilitator of a youth project

Here, we encourage the volunteer, to be the a part of the facilitation team of a youth project in Gladsaxe. The projects aim is to create events and activities for all youngsters in Gladsaxe. Therefore the facilitator should be able to plan and facilitate small meetings/gatherings with youngsters. 

In addition to all of the above, the volunteer’s tasks can also be adapted to the volunteers’ areas of interest and depending on what skills he / she would like to learn. We are very open to input from the volunteers and to have them in the process and to create a balance in their work tasks. Tasks like this, could for example, be within film, media, event planning etc.

During their stay, the volunteers will also have the opportunity to run a solidarity project. This will be part of their task in relation to how they can design, develop, and implement a project from A-Z that works with the ESC program’s priority areas.

Participant profile:

As you will mainly be working in the youth clubs, you should be an easy going person, who is motivated to participate/make events and activities that strengthen the integration between the youngsters in Gladsaxe. You should also be able to be a facilitator of a youth project with youngsters in UNiG. The volunteer will also have a day in the week, where he/she can participate in the facilitation of concerts in the local music venue or work with cultural arrangements in the culture house, Telefonfabrikken. The volunteer must be mature, open-minded and able to work based on his/her own initiative, but also work in close cooperation with the staff aswell as youngsters at the project. 

More specifically:

  • The volunteers should be prepared on cooperating with other people, mainly pedagoges but also other volunteers
  • The volunteers should be prepared to be surrounded in an environment with youngsters (typically aged between 13 – 20, but older are also welcome) as well as making activities for them.
  • Should be fluent in English, which means that we expect you to be able to communicate effortlessly in English.
  • The volunteer is interested in learning Danish and experiencing Danish culture, as well as other cultures.
  • Should have interest in discovering the local environment 
  • We prefer a creative person who enjoys meeting new people and who is motivated to work in a dynamic environment around the municipality of Gladsaxe
  • He/she should be prepared to work in the evenings and sometimes on the weekends.

Que s’ofereix al voluntari/a:

La totalitat de les despeses d’allotjament, manutenció, transport local, assegurança mèdica, suport lingüístic i visat (si fos necessari) estan cobertes pel programa Cos Europeu de Solidaritat de la Comissió Europea.

L’entitat organitzadora farà efectiu el pagament del cost del viatge internacional (fins a la quantia màxima del pressupost establert) un cop presentats els documents  justificatius del viatge i de la compra realitzada.

Els voluntaris/es també reben suport personal (mentor) i suport relacionat amb les tasques (supervisor) per part de l’entitat d’enviament i d’acollida abans, durant i després del projecte.

Al finalitzar el projecte els voluntaris/es rebran el Youthpass, certificat que acredita el seu pas pel CES.

Qui pot participar?

Una persona jove de 18 a 30 anys. La persona participant del projecte ha de ser activa, flexible, motivada, creativa i interessada en la participació activa i la implicació personal.

Que cal fer per participar?

1) Preparar una carta de motivació personalitzada pel projecte en anglès (o en la llengua oficial del país de destinació);

2) Preparar el teu currículum en anglès (o en la llengua oficial del país de destinació);

3) Enviar tots dos documents a: especificant el títol del projecte en el qual t’agradaria participar. 

La FCV enviarà totes les candidatures a l’entitat d’acollida, qui farà la selecció final del/s voluntari/es.

Per a més informació sobre el SVE, pots trucar al 93 412 44 93 o bé, enviar un email a: