Name of the project: ACT for CHANGE

Hosting organization: Asociatia Comunitati pentru Tineret

Period: 01.10.2022 – 29.03.2023

Where: Craiova, Romania

Vacancy: 2

Brief description:

The activity aims to respond to the need of diversifying the range of opportunities for personal and professional development, resulting in increased knowledge, skills and competences for the target group and volunteers. We aim to provide opportunities for the personal and professional development of volunteers and target group using volunteering and non-formal education by implementing activities that integrate positive youth development principles into the formal education system and to promote an increased volunteering awareness.

Objective of the project:

ACT is committing to ensuring that young people have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to be effective civic participants who bring their values to public decision-making. To do this we are partnering with schools and local administration from Craiova to bring non-formal education to their beneficiaries.
The general objective of the project is to provide personal and professional opportunities for 300 students in Craiova by implementing non-formal development programmes and workshops centered around 3 interweaving topics: solidarity and social inclusion, active citizenship and eco-friendly behaviours.

Volunteer will be involved in:

Beneficiary/institutions needs analysis – we will implement several needs analysis methods such as surveys, panel and round table discussions with staff and students of the partner institutions, non-formal games, role play etc.

  •  Leadership Development programme – workshops using non-formal methods to transmit information, knowledge and develop skills competencies (Facilitation; Negotiation; Public speaking; Decision; Dealing with changes; Dealing with crisis; Working with difficult/challenging people; Communication techniques; Team work, Motivation etc. ) and attitudes(Motivation to work for better results; Self-confidence; Being organized; Tolerance; Valuing diversity) related to leadership.
  • Implement facilitation and consensus building activities – workshops aimed at encouraging the youth to aggregate around common issues. These range from non-formal games that encourage youth to discuss and debate issues, games to help with problem tree analysis, to games designed to inspire and call to action to simple meetings that are run with facilitation methods and principles such as “The Spokes council” or similar methods.
  • Designing solidarity initiatives/projects – the volunteers will plan, organize and implement non-formal workshops with the beneficiaries to: a) rise the beneficiaries knowledge and skills in project planning/writing; b) brainstorm/generate/identify solutions for issues identified in earlier stages; c) design a plan of action (choose activities, define timeframes, identify resources needed);
  • Promotion of Active Citizenship – non-formal workshops, games, events that aim at the development of pro-EU, pro-democratic and civic skills, competences and attitudes, Increased awareness and knowledge; about EU institutions and topics and issues of EU importance; Increased level of European Active citizenship and civic
    engagement. These can be debates about EU topics, simulation of EU parliament, role play, local news agency game, etc.
  • Stimulating creativity and cultural awareness programme: will capitalize on cultural diversity among volunteer will contain activities such as presentations of volunteers cultures, non-formal workshops on traditional arts & crafts, traditional dances and music, arts workshops (painting, clay modeling, singing, handicrafts), theatre, role play, creative play (use familiar materials in a new or unusual ways), problem solving (application of knowledge and imagination to a given situation). This also will be used to build self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Learning languages programme: under the form of language clubs that use non-
    formal methods(games, workshops, movies, songs, role-plays, handcrafts, flash cards etc.) to help the participant learn or strengthen their ability to speak other languages
  • Environmental awareness and skill development workshops – this activities will utilize various non-formal methods, some developed internally in past project, others collected from partners and online handbook while new ones will be developed with the volunteers during the planning meetings.
  • Promotion of volunteering and the Solidarity Corps – running volunteering promotion campaigns and activities at local level. These activities will include designing awareness building messages and materials (flyers, posters, brochures), organizing presentations, distributing materials, online promotion, organizing a final project conference on the topic of volunteering and social inclusion. The main target groups for the campaign will be young people in terminal years of high school, university students and unemployed young people.

Participant profile:

  • Aged between 18 to 30 years
  • The volunteers who apply for this project need to like and be willing to work with youth.
  • Active, open-minded, creative, innovative, responsible and motivated volunteers
  • The volunteers of this project should, above all else, show willingness to learn and see their experience as a learning process.
  • Basic level of English to be able to communicate.

Que s’ofereix al voluntari/a:

La totalitat de les despeses d’allotjament, manutenció, transport local, assegurança mèdica, suport lingüístic i visat (si fos necessari) estan cobertes pel programa Cos Europeu de Solidaritat de la Comissió Europea.

L’entitat organitzadora farà efectiu el pagament del cost del viatge internacional (fins a la quantia màxima del pressupost establert) un cop presentats els documents  justificatius del viatge i de la compra realitzada.

Els voluntaris/es també reben suport personal (mentor) i suport relacionat amb les tasques (supervisor) per part de l’entitat d’enviament i d’acollida abans, durant i després del projecte.

Al finalitzar el projecte els voluntaris/es rebran el Youthpass, certificat que acredita el seu pas pel CES.

Qui pot participar?

Una persona jove de 18 a 30 anys. La persona participant del projecte ha de ser activa, flexible, motivada, creativa i interessada en la participació activa i la implicació personal.

Que cal fer per participar?

1) Preparar una carta de motivació personalitzada pel projecte en anglès (o en la llengua oficial del país de destinació);

2) Preparar el teu currículum en anglès (o en la llengua oficial del país de destinació);

3) Enviar tots dos documents a: especificant el títol del projecte en el qual t’agradaria participar. 

La FCV enviarà totes les candidatures a l’entitat d’acollida, qui farà la selecció final del/s voluntari/es.

Per a més informació sobre el SVE, pots trucar al 93 412 44 93 o bé, enviar un email a: