On Thursday 18th of June, we had the EVS pre-departure training with 5 persons who are selected to be EVS volunteers across the Europe. This training took place right before packing their bags and starting a new phase in their lives.

Their projects will last between 2 and 12 months in very different cities as Tullamore (Ireland), Rezekne (Latvia), Szczecin (Poland) , Kajaani (Finland) and Dornbirn (Austria) in non-profits and social action organizations (schools, cultural centers, etc.).
formació a la sortida

The training served to resolve the last doubts also to understand a little better what are the main challenges and opportunities of making the EVS project. We dedicated one whole afternoon informing about the conditions and elements of the program, skills that can be developed, as well as the type of problems and conflicts that can occur (and how to prevent and / or solve them), etc.

The training created a meeting place where they can share practical information and advice among all the 5 young people who are already EVS volunteers, Lorena, coordinator of the EVS, and Marija, who now is doing her EVS at FCV and who shared her experience as a EVS volunteer.

We wish all of you a great EVS!