Between the 30th of March and the 7th of April we participated in the training course “Youth Lead Peacebuilding Initiatives” in the tiny village Misaktsieli, in Georgia. During the 8 days of the training, that was organized by the Polish organization “Fundacja Bratniak” and coordinated by the Georgian organization “Academy for Peace and Development”, we were able to submerge ourselves in the fascinating world of peace construction and conflict resolution.

Foto Geòrgia 2Together with 22 participants from Albania, Poland, Italy, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia, Gerogia, Latvia and Moldavia, we shared our experiences in the field of peace construction, we learned from each other and we always kept a constructive dialogue regarding our future and our role in it.

During those 8 days we could get other perspectives and points of view in themes such as territory, nation, language and religion, as well as open our minds to other realities.

In addition to the intensive training, we had the time to visit other nearby towns. The town where we stayed, Misakstieli, Foto article 2is situated near some important and touristic cities, such as the unpronounceable Mtskheta or the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. So, we could visit it, get lost in its streets and have an idea of Georgia culture, which infected us with its proximity and kindness.

This was a journey between soviet and Islam, between joy and sadness, between light and dark. A journey through what was unknown but yet united us and made us learn that the word “home” is more about a piece of soul, rather than a piece of land. Eight intense days in which we learnt that our house is merely what we keep inside ourselves and that were we live is less important than where we are going.

Foto Geòrgia 3The two of us have been working for quite on the five-letter riddle called P-E-A-C-E and we know that it is a complex word. Making it a reality is a hard work, a commitment to justice, action, responsibility and non-violence, but in Georgia we became more aware of our role in this field. This is because this experience made us remember and feel that we, as young people, have the strength to act without waiting for someone else to do it, we can make Peace an individual choice and take measures to get back its real meaning.

Ana and Manuela.