My name is Jade. I am 22 and I am coming from Normandy, France.

I passed my interview for my EVS the 22th of December. Three weeks later, the 8th of January, I was leaving to Barcelona and to my new life for the next 10months.

I have to admit that when I said goodbye to my family and friends and got into the plane, I started to freak out a little bit. I started to be afraid about feeling lonely, getting lost all the time, not feeling good at work or in my new flat, not being able to speak Spanish or Catalan etc.

And suddenly, BAM! More than one month has passed.

Of course, I miss a little bit my home, and, as a good french, I could killed for a “pain au chocolat”, or cheese with a piece of “baguette”. I get lost in the metro and in the Ciutat Vella´s streets, and for now it’s impossible for me to understand catalan people when they are speaking.

But since I arrived here, I have enjoy many things.

Thanks to the FCV’s team, my mentor Sergio and my flat mates, I never had the time to feel alone. I already met a lot of people, discovered a lot of beautiful and cool places, and started Spanish and Catalan courses. I started to work on the FCV’s website and social networks, to create a cultural arrival kit for the next new EVS, and I plan to work on many other things.

Actually, I can’t wait to explore the rest of this crazy city and the rest of the country. And the only thing I am afraid about now is that these 10 months pass too fast.