11754311_847078192012011_75095819391554420_oEvery time you have to start a new adventure abroad is the same: you are nervous, excited, impatient… and you are a bit afraid. Afraid because you have to start again from zero, you have to find a flat, make new friends. At the beginning, it’s not easy. But at the end it’s always a unique experience.

I was very lucky. I met amazing people: wonderful flatmates, colleagues that have become real friends. When you live far away from home, your friends are your family, and though you haven’t known them for long… it’s seems you’ve been friends for a lifetime. With them you share your new experiences, happy moments, parties… But you also know that you can count on them when you’re sad, or you have some problems. 11845214_1470336229960625_7344494512951415479_o

I have to thank FCV not only for meeting all the amazing people, but also for introducing me to the volunteering world. I have met volunteers from all over Europe, who have shared their experiences and taught me all the new things they learnt through their work.

I recommend to everyone living this experience at least once in a lifetime, because it changes your perspective, it opens a whole new world… and in the end, it changes you as a person.

Sara Buosi