Internship Gianna (1)Not so long ago I finished my internship in Fundació Catalunya Voluntària. It was my first working experience abroad and I brought home with me so many experiences and new and important impressions.

The internship was part of my master degree in “Educación Intercultural, Migración y Plurilingualidad” in Germany and it has been an important experience for the decisions I need to make regarding my future.

Internship Gianna (3)In the Foundació I worked in the communication department and I took part in various events such as the “Be Youth Worker Today” congress or other events to promote the European Voluntary Service. These events were interesting mostly because we could get in contact with other organizations and their representatives and especially with young people interested in the possibilities that FCV offers.

At the end of the internship I had the opportunity to carry out my own workshop. Internship Gianna (4)I can say that I’ve discovered an important part of what I’m really interested in for my future job. I loved the atmosphere in the foundation, it was very friendly and pleasant. With this atmosphere I felt welcome since the first day. In addition, I acquired the experience of working and living in Barcelona and abroad in general. I lived important working experiences in an NGO, in a foundation that works on an international level.

Thanks to the FCV team for this opportunity! 🙂