evs-multikulti-8The cultural project Multikulti, organized by the hosting organization Stowarzysznie POLITES, consists in giving ludic, educational and social support to children, who were divided into two groups according to their age, during summer holidays. In the project participated 10 volunteers from various European countries (Hungary, Greece, Romania, Italy and Spain).

During the first days, the organization gave us educational support, through non-formal learning, on how to interact with the children and how to work in team and individually. When we worked in groups, we did it with other people from a different country or in pair, with the person from your same country. evs-multikulti-1Each pair from the same country had a day during which they could present it, its culture, traditions and typical games. We would always try to teach the children something new about our countries and many things were done through games, in order to develop and stimulate their cognitive and motor competences and abilities in a funny and pleasant way.


It has been an unforgettable experience because it helped me grow as a person, live together with other cultures and traditions, exchanging knowledge with other young people and discuss some current issues in order to know their opinions about them. In just two months we created a very strong bond.

I recommend this project to every young people, because you can improve and work on new competences and skills, such as team work, autonomy, creativity, communication skills, responsibility and much more. In addition, the hosting organization gives you language support to learn Polish.

With respect and friendliness you can reach any corner of the world.