Antonio has volunteered in the natural park of Kaunas for 6 months and has sent us a photographic collection of some of the tasks he has been doing 🙂

Approximately once a month, bird monitoring has been carried out. At the same time, the place is also taken care of.

Most of the physical work in volunteering is dedicated to properly maintaining some areas (cutting bad herbs mainly).

One of the strolls through the forest included putting a bird house in a tree, in Lithuania it is very common to see them.

The collection of a part of the garbage collected with a group of students.

A day of hard work collecting everything. This day my shoes broke because there were many crystals, so I would recommend giving work boots to park volunteers.

I have made many customized woods, an initiative of the park to help the restoration (there are more).

Restaurant the rotten woods to the Juniperus valley.