I just arrived in Cascais (Portugal) on the middle of June and the time has been flying so far. I am participating in a 5-months EVS in Rota Jovem, a youth association, while collaborating into the celebration for the Youth Capital of Europe, which will take place here.

After three months I realized that everybody should try to do an EVS. It is a great opportunity to spend a period abroad learning about new cultures, new languages, having a worth experience while meeting new people.

My project is called “Youth Going Glocal” created to spread the Glocal concept, wordplay between global and local. The goal is rise awareness of local action on a global level. We devote our time here developing multicultural events and seminaries, producing articles and videos for our blog.

We have the opportunity to participate in all the events created for the European Youth Capital, for instance:

  • Making a train journey with other youngsters from Cascais toward the North of Portugal in order to promote the internal mobility and the natural and cultural wealth of Portugal
  • Collaborating in a common project in order to make an halfpipe, involving the local youngsters and professional constructors of Academia dos patinsThe neighborhood in question is called Barrio da Cruz Vermelha at the Alcabideche district, where many social issues are going on.
  • Helping the organization of the middle-distance triathlon competition, Ironman 70.3, which it take place in Calais last year as well.

One of the main pushing factors of EVS are the many different things you deal with. In these months I had the opportunity to work with children at risk of exclusion, attend debates where discussing youth issues, work in different groups and some filming and editing techniques.

I strongly remember the OnArrival training, a preparatory training which helped me, two weeks ago, to understand Portuguese culture and identity. We were 23 EVS volunteers from Portugal and 3 trainers, living in an hotel in the natural park of Geres, deeply in the nature. The closest place was at 25 minutes. It was the first time for me that something like that happened.  In addition to the amazing views and landscapes, it was the best approach to know the people we shared this fantastic week, friendship which last way more than a week.

It is a shame that this project is ending in three months. In the other hand this keep myself motivated to enjoy the rest of the time here learning as mush as I can.