The online course MOOCUnion of Minorities. Educational Tools for the European cultural mosaic’ is already available and, those who are interested, can already enroll it through the Associazione Informagiovani website. The MOOC course is designed for educators, youth workers, social assistants and professionals working with cultural minorities and multicultural groups. At the same time, the course is open to all those who want to improve their skills from a perspective of inclusion, interculturality and to operate in multicultural contexts. No prior knowledge is necessary.

The course is free and contains information and knowledge, theoretical and practical, on the issues of identity, interculturality, stereotypes and communication, among others. If you enroll, you will have access to useful materials and activities to facilitate the implementation of more inclusive and participative projects and to prepare activities in multicultural groups, using the methodology of non-formal education.

This training, funded by the Erasmus + Program, is the result of two years of collaboration between universities, non-profit organizations and public and private organizations in several European countries.

More information and registration through this link.