Having the opportunity to be a mentor in a project such as TLN is an experience that not only enriching for participants but also for the team that ensures the good functioning of the different stages of the project.

We have had the opportunity to observe all the changes that the participants have developed during this 7 months, from the first phase of preparation to the labor insertion and other itineraries of everyone.

During these 7 months, we have encountered many adversities, a lot of work and many hours of talking only about the project. When you really like what you do and you want everything to be perfect, you need a good preparation and a good predisposition to work.

From the moment the participant is selected until the last day it is always a constant change for all; we learn from the young participants as well as learn from the rest of the team and, of course, the young learn from you.

When you are a mentor, the participants tell you all their fears, their concerns and you are responsible for taking care of all their fears and turning them into a positive reinforcement, encouraging them to go on and let them understand that this opportunity is unique to all of them and that they will surely benefit from the experience.

For me it has been a “local TLN“: I have had to improve competencies I did not have, such as public speaking, or losing shyness on certain occasions. I myself have had to change in many ways, so I have been able to put myself in the shoes of the young people.

But if I have to choose a positive aspect, it is with the enthusiasm that they have at the moment of being selected, as well as about leaving of their comfort zone, the enthusiasm to do what they like, and the personal improvement of each one of them.

Everyone has their history and mentors have the opportunity to listen to their stories and learn.

Thank you, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, for the opportunity to let me belong to a team that is constantly changing, which allows young people to live a great opportunity that will surely be a turning point in their lives, and especially for making me change a little and somehow having a “local TLN” of my own.

But everything goes on, and now I will be mentoring the group of Portugal of the TLN 2019-2020 with new young people, new emotions, new enthusiasm, but above all, with new learnings.

Marc Orozco