The FCV had a meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, with the NGO Support Centre organisation, member of the Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth Network. The network is formed by 17 non lucrative organisations from 14 countries that collaborate in the promotion of PeaceCulture in the euromediterranean region. The greek-cypriot organisation is co-responsible of the group work ‘Capacity Building’, which is one of the aims of the network.

For two days (25th and 26th October) Marilena -responsible of the work group- Savvas -manager of the organisation- and Lluc Martí -member of the same work group and coordinator of the international training that the network organised in 2015- met in the headquarters of the organisation.

Basically, the meeting was used to determine aims and strategies thinking in the network as a whole, and complementarily in all the initiatives taking places currently.

NGO Support Centre is an organisation with a relevant experience in intercultural education and the creation of digital resources to promote citizen education and to promote the reconciliation between confronted communities in Cyprus. The most eastern country in the EU is still living, to this day, divided in three zones: greek-cypriot, greek-turkish and the british overseas territory, even though it has less than 100km long a bit more IMG_6256 pictthan 150km wide, and where the border cuts the country in three and the old capital in two.

The organisation, like others, defends the dialogue, the exchange and the collaboration between these communities as a way to get over historical conflicts.

These two days have allowed us to work in new initiatives the network wants to perform in order to satisfy the needs of the member organisations, thinking in using the already existing resources, tools, capacities experiences; dedicating time and effort in creating new formation materials, focused on intercultural learning and the creation of a global citizenship.

Lluc used the trip to get to know the non lucrative organisations that are hosting European Voluntary Service projects in the country.