Since the first moment, my intention was to create a wide social network at a personal level to introduce myself in the activist socio-environmental movement of Amsterdam, in order to stay in this city for a while longer. Thanks to the EVS and the great social network of my NGO ASEED, I am very involved with the “Climate Justice” movement, I am part of several urban gardens in the city and apart, I have free time to volunteer in a cultural and food waste organization.

Anecdote… thanks to the NGO I was able to attend the COP23 in Bon, Germany (United Nations Climate Summit). It is an event where you can hardly enter or be invited, but thanks to being part of an environmental NGO we received an invitation and 5 people from ASEED were able to attend. For sure, a good experience on a personal level and a good opportunity to see firsthand how COPs work and to continue to be critical of their work and negotiations on Climate Change.