My first impressions about the EVS are that they can totally change your life and change you as a person. In a moment of doubt in my life without knowing exactly what to do after finishing my studies in marine sciences, I found by chance on the part of my cousin, information about the EVS and I did not hesitate for a moment and started looking for a project, and thanks to Fundació Catalunya Voluntària and in particular thanks to Lorena, I found this project in Romania to do something very different from what I was used to. I knew would be a great personal experience and a challenge and that’s how it was. And I am delighted it is a very enriching experience where you acquire skills of all kinds, among which I value the improvement of my English or enrichment by other cultures.

I live with people from different countries from whom I have learned many things and we work helping an organization doing different tasks such as promoting the EVS, working with children, teaching Spanish, both volunteers and anyone interested, and we make a variety of Personal learning activities with the other volunteers.

I would recommend this experience to everyone, it has personally helped me and you find amazing people and make friends forever. And I do not forget the great opportunity it gives you to travel as much during the project as I am sure, later.

I hope my experience encourages others to perform an EVS and help them.