From October 29 to November 4, Lorena, on behalf of the FCV, participated in the training course “KA2 Unveiled: an in-depth view of Erasmus + Key Action 2” in Mollina, Malaga, organized by the Spanish National Agency -ANE, INJUVE, with the support of the Erasmus+ program.

During the training week we carried out different activities that led us to gain more knowledge about the KA2 action youth line of the Erasmus + program. First of all, as always happens in this type of projects, we carry out different activities to get to know each other, what previous experience we had in this field and future interests.

It took us several sessions to understand the three main sub actions: strategic partnerships to support innovation, strategic partnerships to support the exchange of good practices and capacity building, we were able to present concrete ideas about projects that we would like to carry out, and therefore, concerning  the next deadline.

We divided into small groups and worked several sessions to develop a solid project proposal. I was in a group with three other people from Greece, Turkey and Romania, who worked in universities and institutes. It was very useful for me to see different points of view from entities involved in the third sector. The idea of ​​the project was to enhance youth digital skills and link it with the Sustainable Development Goals.

It was a very useful opportunity to meet other people who work in the European projects sector exchanging resources, ideas and experiences.

Thank you for the opportunity!