At this point of the project I have to say I was lucky.

I wanted to do an EVS because I wanted new challenges, I wanted to adapt to a new environment and, by doing this, getting to know myself better.

I decide to go to Czech Republic exactly because I didn’t know the country, its culture and, obviously, its language. I thought that the best option was not to have any preconceptions, a white piece of paper and a palette full of colours waiting for me. A new country, a new culture and language, a new environment. A different rhythm and lifestyle. New challenges, new people, new motivations and hopes. I think that these are the words you can use to describe any EVS. But what makes each project one of a kind, it’s the fact that it completely depends on the person who lives it.

Honestly, I was expecting the experience would be a little “tough”, where it would be a challenge to get used to things and find my place, where everything would depend on daily self-improvement. But the truth is that, since the very first day, they welcomed me with open arms. I like to thinks that I easily adapt to new surroundings, but I have to say that they made it really easy for me.

sve_jennifer-2Here I work in a leisure-time organization, where they we carry out many extracurricular activities, mainly for children and teens: events, youth exchanges and training courses.

I have a lot of different tasks: I help during the pottery workshops in various schools and during creative workshops here in the centre, I make presentations about my country and culture to students of various ages, I participate in languages exchanges with local people, I’m in charge of preparing the decorations for the events, I participate in international training courses… the truth is that I don’t have the time to get bored! And when I have the time, I spend it travelling. This country has really precious corners.

If there’s someone reading this who’s not sure whether to go for it or not… do it! Don’t hesitate. It’s worth it, it’s always worth it. Just make it your own, find your own way to live it because this is what will make it unique.

I’ll continue with mine a few months more! Cheers!