Hello, I’m  Alican Abaci, I’m 26 years old and I’m coming from Turkey. I grew up in Istanbul but I have been living in Antalya last 8 years, where  I got my 2 bachelor degrees: on Cinema&Tv and on Sociology. On the last 10 years, I have been working in the filmmaking industry, and, 4 years ago, I opened my own film production business in Antalya.

First of all, living abroad is an amazing experience, especially in a city like Barcelona. Although this is not my first experience living abroad:in 2008-2009 I lived in Newcastle, Australia, for one year, doing a youth exchange program and, in 2011-2012, I lived  in Milan, Italy, where I made an Erasmus Student Exchange, for one year as well. I always believe that discovering other cultures and being involved in other societies brings you another perspectives and that is why I decided to be EVS volunteer, which is already having positive aspects for my life.

I arrived in Barcelona 1 month ago, on the 8th of July and, since the moment I left the airport I really felt like at home: the city was very alive at 1 am, and the temperature was as warm as in Antalya. The whole ambiance of the city I found was really fascinating.

My Cordinator welcomed me in the city center and hosted me for 4 days in his place until I found my new home. He helped me a lot in in finding my new room in Barcelona, which is pretty hard, specially in July and with the limited EU grants. Meanwhile I was visiting different appartments I was going to the FCV office, where I met with other European volunteers, from Poland, Romania and Turkey as well. People in office are being very friendly and are helping me in getting to know the city so far.

After a tiring week finding a room, once I settled down, I was ready to start my EVS experience in the FCV, which basicly consists in, in one hand, making videos to promote EVS and the FCV itself and, on the other hand, in teaching Catalan young people the art of making videos.

Then, after I started planning my voluntary work, in the 3rd week, I went to Algeciras, in the province of Cadiz, in Andalousia, to participate in my on arrival training, from 24 to 28 July, where I met with other 22 participants coming from 12 different countries, who are also doing EVS in different parts of Spain. It was an amazing experience to meet people from Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Russia, Hungary, Egypt, England, French, Poland, Czech Republic, sharing cultures among us. That week I made new friends and I learnt about EVS as well. Meanwhile I was participating, I shooted a short video, as a memory and as a promotion of EVS program, which you can find in the sites of my hosting and sending organizations.
Hope you like the video!.

After I returned to Barcelona I realised how wonderful is being the time I’m spending in Catalonia/ Spain and how fast it is passing. I’m glad I still have 5 more months to spend here. I look forward to still enjoy my experience and live new adventures.

Keep tuned if you want to know more about my EVS in Barcelona!

Alican Abaci