My first trip to Europe was almost three years ago and I had a chance to visit the north of Spain and to see the ocean for the first time. However, since my time was limited and I wanted to spend more than just a couple of days in Barcelona, I postponed the trip, and I somehow felt that my trip to Barcelona would have a bigger purpose. Well, after all this time when I got accepted for this EVS project in Barcelona I sent that big smile to my past self.

The process of coming to Barcelona was just so fast and I couldn’t even process it fully. When I arrived here I just sat and felt the moment. That was the beginning of my new life in Barcelona and my EVS adventure started.

Another reason why I considered these moments as miracles was because the day I started my project was actually the day I was born 26 years ago. As it has been a long time since I have been celebrating my birthday far from my home and family and life-long friends, it wasn’t hard to celebrate it in a place where only a couple of people knew my name. I even enjoyed it. I was feeling blessed. I started that day with a sunrise.

18578826_1983550748531758_1467026937_nThe whole day was mine to think, to write, to evaluate, to dream, to feel. In the evening while I was walking I got lost in the city and I even came across a concert. I like to think the concert was organized just for me.

Eventually, real life and struggles started: finding a place to stay or going through the bureaucratic issues to have legal papers and all those registrations and etc. Even though I was feeling so lost in all of these processes I was still feeling confident and strong enough to figure out the things and do what needed to be done. I was open and positive and the problems were resolved.

After a couple of struggles, in the end with the big help and guidance of people who I would work with, we got the documents that I needed, and I got a cool room in a good spot. Since it was Easter holiday, I even managed to have my first trip to another city in Catalonia. I just love the nature of this district. Each day I met more and more incredible people. Lleida was our first destination and all those adventures, hiking, rocks, and breath-taking views were just amazing.

Stay tuned for more on how I got accustomed to the office work and on how did my on arrival training go.