The FCV has been invited to participate in the V National Conference of Volunteering in Lima, Peru, organized by the National Centre of Volunteering – CENAVOL.

CENAVOL celebrates this year it’s 15 years, being the topic of the conference ‘Transforming Volunteering and development policies’.

In said conference, that will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of September, it is foreseen that around 500 people will participate, with volunteers and responsible organizations of the country. FCV will participate in 3 spaces: expertise table, in the international course and in the said conference, making a speech. The first one consists in a debate with representatives of different sectors and organizations, public and private, about the role of volunteers and organizations working with them in providing a solution to the challenges of the millennium and their potential to change society. The FCV will share its point of view and information about some of the most relevant initiatives for the promotion and development of volunteering from the Catalan, Spanish and European perspective.

The conference, on its side, will be dedicated to introduce the idea of active volunteering (inclusive, participatory and formative) and the strategy of FCV, focused in the improvement of abilities and competences of the volunteers. It will also encourage organizations to give more support, power and responsibilities to young people.

In the I International Training of Intergenerational Volunteering, FCV will offer information about the tools and working methods that they use for their active volunteer programmes, as to create a bigger impact. In general, how to help new generations of young people to take part of the volunteering movement, taking into consideration the existence of difficulties and lack of resources, and the capacities and interest of young people.

Lluc Martí, coordinator of the programme ‘Active Volunteers’ in the FCV will be the only European in the international team of experts that take part in the conference, together with representatives of entities from Peru, Brasil, Venezuela and Paraguay.