The FCV participated from the 20th to 22nd of October in the 1st meeting of organizations with experience in the European Voluntary Service -SVE, in Alicante. Event organized by the Spanish National Agency in collaboration with Ágora Cultura. The meeting brought together 48 participants representing different organizations of the Spanish territory, who have been working for years with the program.

The event was appreciated by many of the participants, as it has been some time since an event was organized exclusively for experienced organizations. In addition, the event took place at the same time and same place that the 7th annual event of ex EVS volunteers.

The aim of the meeting was to create a document with proposals for improvements related to EVS, for later on, be able to transmit it to the Spanish National Agency. The participants worked together all Saturday to extract proposals for improvement mainly in relation to logistics, management, training, monitoring and EVS process. This gave the opportunity to share many of the situations, difficulties and problems that the organizations are facing in relation to EVS projects.

Lorena, as representative of the FCV, participated specifically in the management group, where proposals for improvement were discussed in relation to administration, accounting, health insurance and EHIC, tax aspects, permits of residence and visas.

In this sense, the event has been twice as useful, as it has made it possible to corroborate that the organizations are in the same boat, facing similar difficulties, exchanging solutions, advices, tricks and good practices.

In addition, during the meeting, we had a session dedicated to the new European Solidarity Corps program -ESC, a program that is generating a lot of expectation, because still have to define many of the details of its operation. Julia, representative of the Spanish National Agency, provided us with the most updated information about it.

From the FCV we are very happy to have been able to participate in this event, hoping that it will be the first of many others.